I hate you, Issac Mizrahi

I thrift, antique, garage sale, estate search and ebay to make a living. Big deal, so do a trillion other folks. My job is finding that one vintage dress is the midst of Forever 21 cast-offs and crappy Target ‘designer’ stuff that was donated when only a few thousand girls bought that dress, as opposed to ten-thousand.

What’s more aggravating than this search could possibly be the most aggravating of them all. A person, no less:

Issac Mizrahi.

Not only did he start the ‘let’s make semi-cute clothes for the money-impaired folks at Target’ lines, but he’s on that god-awful show with that Destiny’s Child. Don’t EVEN get me started on her.

Here’s my bitch about the Target line: it’s cheap. There are reasons why major fashion houses are so incredibly expensive. In a world where polyester is silk’s substitute and you can buy 4″ platforms at Walmart, how does one avoid and ultimately, ignore such fashion catastrophes?

I’m all about some cheap digs, but digs that thousands upon thousands of ill-fitted ‘fashionistas’ are wearing? No, thank you.

I’ll stick to my vintage.

x’s and o’s and shoes and clothes,

oh, and if you want to see Issac’s latest, please go to target.com


One response to “I hate you, Issac Mizrahi

  1. kc hoodrat

    Agreed!!! I already love your blog. More posts, please.

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