The Rabbit Release Party


The Rabbit Press is a young independent arts and culture publication started just over two years ago by a group of inspired yet frustrated Hillsboro Village regulars. The magazine has been steadily a bi-annual since it’s conception in 2007 and has been funded in part by local advertisement and in part by its large art and music events that have made its release season a notoriously anticipated time of year.

After five issues and release events which have grown from a quiet night at Fido into large 700-800 person underbelly gatherings in miscellaneous warehouses around town; the crew at The Rabbit Press are emerging from their secretive “off the beaten path” gatherings and launching their sixth issue at The Cannery Ballroom on the eleventh of September, 2009.

All Rabbit Release Events in the past have been highlighted with a wide array of live local music and an outstanding local arts presence. “The idea has always been to turn an empty space into a music venue and an art gallery for one night”, says a Rabbit spokesperson. The Rabbit Press strives for diversity in their crowd and prides themselves on drawing in a large cross-section of the Nashville creative community. This go round will feature the music of:

Madi Diaz
Turbo Fruits
Darla Farmer
The Silver Seas (Formerly The Bees (US))

Since the Cannery Ballroom is already a music venue of sorts, you can expect a lot of extra perks in the art department. Visual Artists will include:

Brandon Morgan
Kelly Bonnadies
Casey Pierce
David Hellams
Jordan Jaquess
Sara Estes/Alicia Waters
And more…

The event is co-hosted by long time Rabbit Friends Dirty Eye, and new cohorts Electric Western (hosts of the infamous Monday night dance parties at the five-spot, and yes, they will be Dj-ing, so be prepared to dance)

There will also be a drag show, as well as clothing designers and local food vendors. The Rabbit Press is also planning on launching a line of merchandise including hand screen-printed limited edition t-shirts, necklaces, handbags, and more at this event.


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