Hangers! A post dedicated to the lovely things that show your clothes off as best as possible (when you don’t have a model at your disposal…)

My FAVORITE hangers to use at the store are these velvet ones. I’ve never had a sweater, dress, you-name-it fall off of one of these. They’re super cheap, too! You can find them here or at your local Marshall’s, Ross or TJ MAXX

What I absolutely love to use at home are the hand-me-down hangers from my grandmother. Puffy pink vintage satin hangers with a cute bow compliment a good bit of my wardrobe. You can find new versions at your local Marshall’s, Ross or TJ MAXX.

Another good kind of vintage hanger are these

They’re wood and either covered with cloth or that stuff you line your drawers with (anybody know what that lining is called?). Typically in a psychedelic print, these babies hold clothes in place *almost* as well as the velvet ones. I’ve only found them at antique malls, but I’m sure you can find them on

Next are the Crocheted hangers. I’ve come across some really elaborate ones, but the most common ones I’ve found just have crochet over a wire hanger. Nothing slides off of these either! Again, I’ve only found these at antique malls or in someone’s trash. Yeah, I said someone’s trash. DON’T JUDGE ME.

I only use wooden hangers for blazers and coats. They sometimes stretch the shoulders of blouses too much and are pro-slippage. I don’t know what the heck everyone talks about when they say they only use wooden hangers, but to each her very own.

Yep, guess that’s it.

So, where is everyone HANGING out in Nashville for NYE?


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