The Red Shoes

I had such a lovely Sunday yesterday!

Went to drunch and had a delicious cajun benedict at The Germantown Cafe

Looks gross, right?

Wore one of my favy Christmas presents EVER (a dress from my darling P.)

Vintage Mardi Gras 60’s dress, vintage stockings, vintage Walter Steiger pumps

Met up with a dear old friend at Pre To Post Modern to dress her for a sexy, sexy date.

Had lots and lots of coffee while doing a puzzle with The Boy’s mom.

And saw The Red Shoes at the Belcourt .
If you’ve not seen this late 40’s film, YOU MUST GO NOW! The costumes are exquisite!

And then to Waffle house for more grits!

Every good day begins and ends with grits.

love, carmen


2 responses to “The Red Shoes

  1. Beryl Baigent

    I came upon your site as I was looking for “The Red Shoes” movie. Thanks for having the trailer available. When I was a young child in Wales, U.K., I remember seeing this film at our local “picture house.”

    Now I am looking it up as I teach Sacred Dance and T’ai Chi and have written a booklet for my class for this term on “T’ai Chi as Sacred Dance” and have been using stories (everything from “The Runaway Bunny” to “The Red Shoes” for the relaxation portion of my class.

    If you are particularly interested in this old movie perhaps you would like to know that the Jungian analyst. Clarissa Pinkola Ester, who wrote the very popular book called “Women Who Run with the Wolves,” wrote about the story on which it is bases, in this wonderful book which is about women FINDING themselves.

    Hope you had a great birthday.

    Blessings and Love are my gifts.


  2. closetcasevintage

    Ahh, thank you for suggesting that book! I will check it out immediately!!

    Best wishes,


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