Closet Case Vintage Spring 2010 Lookbook

And a behind-the-scenes look at the shoot…

Bradley Spitzer, Photographer
Joshua Ritchie, Photographer’s Assistant
Melissa Fergus, Hair/MUA
Laurenne Juliet, Model
Carmen Jaudon, Wardrobe
Seth Graves, Videographer


7 responses to “Closet Case Vintage Spring 2010 Lookbook

  1. Solid working Bradley. Good work by the entire crew!


  2. Carmen! You are my favorite stylist! Great job!!!!!

  3. closetcasevintage

    Thank you, guys!

  4. Stunning work by both photographer and stylist (and all involved of course)! Great locations. Great everything!

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  6. Well done team!

  7. I want those little stripy shorts!!!

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