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Joshua Petker

At 18, I almost paid my life’s savings to be immortalized in a Joshua Petker painting. I regret canceling my order TO THIS DAY, because the price tag is now beyond my means. Needless to say, I will never pass up an opportunity like that again!

christina’s world

This painting has always struck a haunting chord with me. As far back as 1974, my mother can remember my great aunt Joyce’s print hanging in her guest bedroom. I remember taking that print down while we moved her into an assisted living home some 30 years later. That print now resides in my studio/guest bedroom, hovering over a quilt that has been in my family since the late 1800’s (made by my great-great grandmother).

I saw the actual painting back in 2001 at the Andrew Wyeth exhibit at the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art. My favorite real-life sighting to date, for sure.

This painting reminds me of Christina’s World. Sadly, I have no idea who it’s by.

The painting was inspired by Wyeth’s neighbor, Christina, who was paralyzed from the waist down. He looked out his kitchen window to see Christina dragging herself across a field. How’s that for inspiration?

nu shotz

dylan reyes, photographer
mizzie logan, hair/mua
deli neblett, model
carmen jaudon, wardrobe
wardrobe provided by closet case vintage



As I mentioned here , Cheekwood is having a special on admission ($.50/person until the end of January!!) and I HAD to take advantage of it!

The gift shop was our first stop, and although I normally despise crafty weird objects that have no purpose, I fell in love with a few.

B for bitch!

C. liked the glass blown jellyfish thingies

I regret not bringing this little guy home with me. Such a character!

And oh my gosh, these windchimes! If you’ve got an extra $85-$150, these windchimes won’t ding you into sheer misery, but croon and moan their way into your heart! Seriously, I’d never heard a windchime that sang such a lovely song before.

My lovely mother

“I don’t have a reflection!”

Vintage bag, boots, coat, sweater and dress. AA leggings and heart shaped sunnies from Pre To Post Modern

The Faberge collection was exquisite and the grounds were beautiful (even in the freezing winter). Everyone, go! It’s fifty cents! You don’t have much time left!


ah, shoot!

I’m terribly excited to announce that my styling portfolio will be revamped like a mofo soon! It seems that I haven’t had time to sleep lately, but busy is good. Busy is the best!

Tomorrow’s shoot is with Dylan Reyes, the cute boy who runs around town shooting party photos. He somehow makes everyone look incredible, however drunk they may be! Hah! You can see his party photos here , and the rest of his portfolio at

The hair/makeup artist is one of the lovely ladies behind STELLA SHOPS, Mizzie Logan! Stella Shops is a fashion blog as well as a guide to locally owned boutiques in Nashville, TN. It’s a wonderful way to find out about sales and new stores, so check it out!

Lastly, we’re shooting one of my favorite gal pals, Deli Neblett. She’s the sweetest of the sweet and has endless talent. You can start to educate yourself on all those talents by going here.

Off to bed for me! It’s going to be a wonderful morning!


CCV around town!

I adore seeing people wearing Closet Case Vintage… but I especially adore when I come across pictures of it!

Send in photos of yourself wearing CCV duds to be featured on the blog and I will send you a 30% off coupon for your next Pre To Post Modern purchase! This special ends next Thursday, the 21st, so hurry and get your photos in!

Send them to

Some of CCV’s coolest customers in CCV:

Tiffany Clark

Justin Etienne Wootton

Sarah Silva