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You Gotta Love Your Roots

When you think my hair looks like shit just realize that it’s
1. on purpose
2. being plain terrified to dye it any other color in case I freak out and NEED platinum hair again

They call is ombre, I call it trash! Now I need a whole new wardrobe to go with my extra trashy hair! I’m thinking 80’s sequins and 90’s florals.

Joshua Petker

At 18, I almost paid my life’s savings to be immortalized in a Joshua Petker painting. I regret canceling my order TO THIS DAY, because the price tag is now beyond my means. Needless to say, I will never pass up an opportunity like that again!

My Michelle

Michelle Phillips. Could she be more beautiful??

Spring is coming! Spring is coming!

New Etsy listings

1970’s Lillie Rubin Dress

1950’s Don Loper Wiggle Dress

1960’s Lace Top

1980’s Top and Pants Set

1960’s Elizabeth Arden Top and Pants Set

1950’s Eggshell Dress and Bolero Set


A preview of last night’s shoot!


I’m pleased to announce CCV’s first giveaway!

The giveaway includes
70’s Navy Cape Sweater, all sizes valued at $34
60’s Beaded Fringe/Button Purse valued at $14
90’s Arizona Belt small, medium valued at $12
80’s Christian Dior Deadstock Panty Hose valued at $12
80’s Indian Necklace valued at $18
70’s Ivory Necklace valued at $18
Closet Case Vintage Etsy Gift Card valued at $25

Total Value = $133

Enter by by leaving a comment! I will ship anywhere in the world!

Winner will be randomly selected on Sunday, March 7th! Good luck!


Current Muses

I’m dressing these two lovely ladies for some shoots with photographer Bradley Spitzer this week.

It’s time to bring out the spring wear!

(Please drag the mouse over the photo for credits)

Back To Basics

I don’t own any basic clothes. No white v-necks, no plain black pumps. My daily aggravation in getting dressed could be made much easier if I didn’t have a skewed view on what to buy. I’m drawn to loud pieces and off-the-wall prints. These things rarely ‘go’ together.

Fueled by my aggravation (and maybe a bit of blind curiosity), I am now devising a plan to make dressing easier by buying 5 simple pieces of clothing.

1. The Black Mini Skirt

It’ll go with half of my blouses and can be layered easily!

2. The Black Blazer

I love the thought of wearing this over a maxi dress!

3. The Dark Skinny Jeans

I can’t believe I don’t own these. Who doesn’t own jeans?!

4. The White T-Shirt

Again, no idea why I don’t already own this.

5. The Black Pumps

These have a bit of detail, but it’s much less than the detail on any of my current black pumps!

Wish me luck. I’m going to need it!

love, carmen