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Can we please talk about how lovely Mia Wasikowska is?! I have to applaud Hollywood for taking the lesser walked path into Unknown Actors, USA. Had we seen Slutbag or worse, Hobag in our beloved Alice’s shoes, there would have been many an enemy made. You think they didn’t think about it? Aww hail, you’re seeing what they’re doing to THIS, right? My point exactly. I’m not worried about Dakota (um, because she can act) but Kristin Vampire? Lord…

Anyway, sorry for getting off subject. Here’s some Mia goodness

The Red Shoes

I had such a lovely Sunday yesterday!

Went to drunch and had a delicious cajun benedict at The Germantown Cafe

Looks gross, right?

Wore one of my favy Christmas presents EVER (a dress from my darling P.)

Vintage Mardi Gras 60’s dress, vintage stockings, vintage Walter Steiger pumps

Met up with a dear old friend at Pre To Post Modern to dress her for a sexy, sexy date.

Had lots and lots of coffee while doing a puzzle with The Boy’s mom.

And saw The Red Shoes at the Belcourt .
If you’ve not seen this late 40’s film, YOU MUST GO NOW! The costumes are exquisite!

And then to Waffle house for more grits!

Every good day begins and ends with grits.

love, carmen