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50-cent admission at Cheekwood until the end of January!

In celebration of Cheekwood’s 50th Anniversary, they are venturing back to their original admission price in 1960 and offering 50-cent admission the entire month of January!

Go to their website for more info


LIFE magazine September 21, 1942
Queen of Iran

Could anyone be more glamorous? 22 year-old Queen of Iran, Queen Fawzia.

…this is what you learn at a stage school…

The wrong way to kiss standing up…

The correct way to kiss standing up…

And many, many more ways to do things correctly. I’m sure I was doing it wrong until I read this.

wrong side of the bed turned right

I was supposed to hitch a ride to Memphis to hang out with some rappers today, but woke up feeling like poo. Made some breakfast and decided to photograph (I don’t have a scanner) some of my favorite antique LIFE magazines.

gluten-free breakfast!

LIFE magazine July 17, 1944
Peasant Clothes

The Red Shoes

I had such a lovely Sunday yesterday!

Went to drunch and had a delicious cajun benedict at The Germantown Cafe

Looks gross, right?

Wore one of my favy Christmas presents EVER (a dress from my darling P.)

Vintage Mardi Gras 60’s dress, vintage stockings, vintage Walter Steiger pumps

Met up with a dear old friend at Pre To Post Modern to dress her for a sexy, sexy date.

Had lots and lots of coffee while doing a puzzle with The Boy’s mom.

And saw The Red Shoes at the Belcourt .
If you’ve not seen this late 40’s film, YOU MUST GO NOW! The costumes are exquisite!

And then to Waffle house for more grits!

Every good day begins and ends with grits.

love, carmen

eat like birds, smoke like chimneys

Impossibly chic, the 1950’s

The Golden Age Of Couture

Oh, y’all… I CANNOT wait for this! I wish I didn’t receive email updates on The Frist’s exhibitions so far in advance.

The Golden Age Of Couture
Paris and London 1947-1957
June 18–September 12, 2010

The launch of Christian Dior’s “New Look” in 1947 marked the beginning of a momentous decade in fashion history, which Dior himself called a “golden age.” The couture houses of Paris and London, which had traditionally served wealthy private clients, opened boutiques and licensed their designs, thereby becoming global brands and household names. Through clothing (primarily evening dresses and suits), shoes, and photographs, this exhibition demonstrates how designers such as Dior, Balenciaga, and Chanel brought glamour back to Europe after World War II.

For more about the Frist Museum in Nashville, go here

“I love saving money and learning new things”

dior 1957givenchy hat 1957
dovima ny
herbert tobias
may ray

The Quote up top came from a google search of ’50’s housewife, music, death’.