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You Gotta Love Your Roots

When you think my hair looks like shit just realize that it’s
1. on purpose
2. being plain terrified to dye it any other color in case I freak out and NEED platinum hair again

They call is ombre, I call it trash! Now I need a whole new wardrobe to go with my extra trashy hair! I’m thinking 80’s sequins and 90’s florals.


All of these body suits have GOT to go. Please! I beg!


Can we please talk about how lovely Mia Wasikowska is?! I have to applaud Hollywood for taking the lesser walked path into Unknown Actors, USA. Had we seen Slutbag or worse, Hobag in our beloved Alice’s shoes, there would have been many an enemy made. You think they didn’t think about it? Aww hail, you’re seeing what they’re doing to THIS, right? My point exactly. I’m not worried about Dakota (um, because she can act) but Kristin Vampire? Lord…

Anyway, sorry for getting off subject. Here’s some Mia goodness


Aww, Ke$h, I was so happy to see you in the style section called What Were They Thinking?! ’cause that’s when you know you’ve made it (along with having the number one downloaded single in the US)

Go, girl…

war paint on