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What did I tell you?

Can’t get enough of these colors!
What I wore this evening

Chartreuse 50’s Jacket, Blue 80’s Dress, 80’s Silk Scarf, Betsey Johnson Tights, Nine West Platform Wedges
An array of different nail polishes because I couldn’t decide on a color, YSL Lipstick in Tulipe Noire


As I mentioned here , Cheekwood is having a special on admission ($.50/person until the end of January!!) and I HAD to take advantage of it!

The gift shop was our first stop, and although I normally despise crafty weird objects that have no purpose, I fell in love with a few.

B for bitch!

C. liked the glass blown jellyfish thingies

I regret not bringing this little guy home with me. Such a character!

And oh my gosh, these windchimes! If you’ve got an extra $85-$150, these windchimes won’t ding you into sheer misery, but croon and moan their way into your heart! Seriously, I’d never heard a windchime that sang such a lovely song before.

My lovely mother

“I don’t have a reflection!”

Vintage bag, boots, coat, sweater and dress. AA leggings and heart shaped sunnies from Pre To Post Modern

The Faberge collection was exquisite and the grounds were beautiful (even in the freezing winter). Everyone, go! It’s fifty cents! You don’t have much time left!


last night

Tuesday Bowling Night. I win every time.


The walk of shame (look where his ball is)


one of the L’s!

our pretty balls

c. and b.

we were told to be ‘fierce’ and this is what came of it

incredible form



pouty p!

60’s sundress, betsey johnson stockings, vintage bowling shoes, one leg

it’s not what you think

it’s exactly what you think

last image of the night!


this is fashion related, no?

When your mother buys herself an ugly (albeit comfy) nightgown at Dollar General, you make fun on her. And then you make fun of her more when she shrinks it to half of it’s original size. And then she gives it to you and you wear it for 24 hours straight. And that, my friends, is when she makes fun of you.

oh, you know, just walkin’ around on this here picnic table

vintage dress, betsey johnson tights, nine west wedges, piano key watch (doesn’t work)



The Red Shoes

I had such a lovely Sunday yesterday!

Went to drunch and had a delicious cajun benedict at The Germantown Cafe

Looks gross, right?

Wore one of my favy Christmas presents EVER (a dress from my darling P.)

Vintage Mardi Gras 60’s dress, vintage stockings, vintage Walter Steiger pumps

Met up with a dear old friend at Pre To Post Modern to dress her for a sexy, sexy date.

Had lots and lots of coffee while doing a puzzle with The Boy’s mom.

And saw The Red Shoes at the Belcourt .
If you’ve not seen this late 40’s film, YOU MUST GO NOW! The costumes are exquisite!

And then to Waffle house for more grits!

Every good day begins and ends with grits.

love, carmen