Current Muses

I’m dressing these two lovely ladies for some shoots with photographer Bradley Spitzer this week.

It’s time to bring out the spring wear!

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Back To Basics

I don’t own any basic clothes. No white v-necks, no plain black pumps. My daily aggravation in getting dressed could be made much easier if I didn’t have a skewed view on what to buy. I’m drawn to loud pieces and off-the-wall prints. These things rarely ‘go’ together.

Fueled by my aggravation (and maybe a bit of blind curiosity), I am now devising a plan to make dressing easier by buying 5 simple pieces of clothing.

1. The Black Mini Skirt

It’ll go with half of my blouses and can be layered easily!

2. The Black Blazer

I love the thought of wearing this over a maxi dress!

3. The Dark Skinny Jeans

I can’t believe I don’t own these. Who doesn’t own jeans?!

4. The White T-Shirt

Again, no idea why I don’t already own this.

5. The Black Pumps

These have a bit of detail, but it’s much less than the detail on any of my current black pumps!

Wish me luck. I’m going to need it!

love, carmen

50% OFF Sale This Friday!

Closet Case Vintage and Don’t Bless Her are having a 50% OFF sale this Friday!

Enjoy 50% off all dresses, shoes, boots, coats, jeans, tops, jewelry and much, much more!

Champagne provided

Sterling Court Apartments
2101 Belmont Blvd Apt a4
Nashville, TN

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Hope to see everyone there!


What did I tell you?

Can’t get enough of these colors!
What I wore this evening

Chartreuse 50’s Jacket, Blue 80’s Dress, 80’s Silk Scarf, Betsey Johnson Tights, Nine West Platform Wedges
An array of different nail polishes because I couldn’t decide on a color, YSL Lipstick in Tulipe Noire

Spring is *ALMOST* here!

The weather in Nashville has been teasing us like crazy. I took a long walk yesterday IN A T-SHIRT and broke a sweat and today I’m wearing my warmest coat. WTF?

Anyway, inspired by the sampling of warmth (and a smidgen of chill), I present the newest Etsy listings.

70’s ACT I SPRING bone LACE dress RIBBON size small medium sm med

80’s gold SEQUIN black sweater CARDIGAN size small medium sm med

50’s velvet PILL BOX hat

70’s vibrant SWEATER tank small sm med small medium

50’s PALE YELLOW Delicate CARDIGAN wool SWEATER small sm medium med

BETSEY JOHNSON 80’s micro MINI dress xs sm

50’s GREY fur PILL BOX silver bow hat

70’s PINK eyelet MAXI dress EMPIRE waisted gown size small sm

50’s STUNNING white Garden Spring DRESS size Small Medium sm med

50’s Prettiest CARAMEL fur hat

40’s PAUL SACHS pink dress NEW WITH TAGS size xs sm

Se the rest of the shop here!


New website debut coming soon!

MAD ABOUT chartreuse, orange and burgundy

Fashion Week. The week every blogger has their say on who is amazing and who sucks. I’ve thought long and hard about whether I should bombard people with my opinion, and decided to devote one post to such things and keep it relatively short. Here you go!

Obviously, I’m not the only one loving these colors.

Photos courtesy of Women’s Wear Daily

Mixed with gray, khaki, pale pink, fuchsia, cobalt or black, I’ve been wearing these colors like crazy for the past few weeks and they’re ALL. OVER. THE. RUNWAY for fall.
I just got this lovely lipstick in Tulipe Noir that I’ve been wearing and scaring people with. It’s shockingly dark for the Walmart goers in rural Nashville. “Going to a party?” said the Walmart cashier at 2pm today. “Nope, just cleaning my garage” I reply. The look of confusion was priceless.

Oh, and ps and I hate this

The exposed zipper up the front of a plaid a-line? Can you please make something less 2005, Marc Jacobs? You always seem to be 5 years ago. Except with these, I guess. Those were cool.

christina’s world

This painting has always struck a haunting chord with me. As far back as 1974, my mother can remember my great aunt Joyce’s print hanging in her guest bedroom. I remember taking that print down while we moved her into an assisted living home some 30 years later. That print now resides in my studio/guest bedroom, hovering over a quilt that has been in my family since the late 1800’s (made by my great-great grandmother).

I saw the actual painting back in 2001 at the Andrew Wyeth exhibit at the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art. My favorite real-life sighting to date, for sure.

This painting reminds me of Christina’s World. Sadly, I have no idea who it’s by.

The painting was inspired by Wyeth’s neighbor, Christina, who was paralyzed from the waist down. He looked out his kitchen window to see Christina dragging herself across a field. How’s that for inspiration?